Renee North


What to Expect

Let’s cover some basics about what an actual appointment looks like. People want to know - will it hurt? Do I have to get undressed? No and no. :)

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First, there is paperwork. I’m not gonna lie. But it’s not just paperwork. This paperwork gives me a peek into how your body is working (systems, organs, energy, etc.), what exposures you have had or are having (toxins, EMF, infections, etc.), and so much more. I reference it often. Don’t get lazy with the paperwork! We both want a good foundation and understanding of what you are currently experiencing so we can better gauge your progress.

Next, you get to relax on a massage table on your back. I will be seated at your feet. During testing, I will be looking for a subtle involuntary muscle movement on your lower leg/ankle area as I introduce various vials of water containing energy/information signatures to your body. This form of muscle testing is called non-force applied kinesiology.

As I introduce the various vials of water, I follow a testing sequence which prioritizes not just toxins and organ support but also what your body is ready to address at that particular time. An example of one smaller category of organ support is mouth/jaw. If you had an issue in this area, FCT has the ability to investigate tooth, gum, mandible, maxillary bone, temporomandibular joint, tongue, periodontium, tooth pulp, salivary gland, sublingual salivary gland, hypoglossal nerve, buccal muscle, parotid gland, etc. I share this to give you a better feel for how specific and in depth it is.

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After the 60-90 minutes of testing has been completed, I make the indicated FCT vials and write up a schedule (I refer to it as a protocol) for you. Your job is to set aside typically a couple days to limit EMF and take one drop of each vial under your tongue according to the schedule. Here is an example: take one drop of bottle one under the tongue, wait 2 hours. Take one drop of bottle two, wait 5 hours, etc.

The theory is when you take the drops, you are providing your body with information or the energetic imprint of what is needed and it stimulates your body to address what was indicated in the testing. You may feel extra tired or even a bit under the weather while taking your protocol. Take it easy and pamper yourself-your body is working extra right now. Naps are encouraged!

With remote or distance testing we connect via phone or Skype to go over your paperwork. During the testing time, I use myself as a surrogate for the muscle response. I'm thankful to offer this option to people who are physically not able to travel or are unable to find a FCT Practitioner in their area.

Remote testing is based on the String Theory in quantum physics-sometimes referred to as the Theory of Everything (ToE) which states everything is connected energetically. This is a very meaningful option. Don't dismiss it just because it isn't fully understood yet.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. -Arthur C. Clarke