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Field Control Therapy (FCT)

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The purpose of FCT is to remove blocks rather than bombard the body with substances (pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, etc).

What are these “blocks”? When I test, I look for negative or unwanted energies, if you will. FCT has the ability to screen for electromagnetic fields, mercurials, other heavy metals, xenobiotics (pesticides, chemicals, etc), fungi & molds, radiation, vaccines & antibiotics, parasites, bacteria, viruses, traumas, and more.

The goal is that by removing blocks and providing support, the body will increase its wellness. Our role is not to take over that process but only fine tune it. The time worn principle “First do no harm” begins by undertaking interventions which are minimal, contrary to the prevailing practices of the majority of conventional and alternative practitioners. FCT seeks the root cause versus covering up or trying to control problems.

The Science of FCT:

Field refers to “cellular fields”, i.e., the quantum energy fields emitted by the nucleus of each human cell, according to the research of scientists such as William Tiller, Ph.D.

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Control refers to the key role these fields are considered to have in governing cellular functions in human physiology. Control also refers to directing the activity of the cellular quantum energy fields.

In our society, the body is typically viewed from a biochemical or pharmaceutical perspective. However, FCT is based on the theory that the energy fields of our cells regulate our entire physiology-including our body chemistry. FCT sees the human body as an intelligent self-managing system composed of and governed by energetic signals. FCT uses physics or biophysics instead of biochemistry. The reason FCT works is beyond the scope of biochemistry but not beyond the science of systems.

FCT aims to affect the body at a bio-energetic level versus at a chemical level because according to theories of physics all matter is controlled by energy fields. Einstein shared this in his famous equation E=mc2. Physics is the preeminent science in the hierarchy of all sciences as it pertains to the physical forces present everywhere. According to quantum physics, we find that all matter in the universe, including the human body, is governed by physics (biophysics). Matter is made of molecules, which are made of atoms, which are made of subatomic particles, which are ultimately made of energy fields. Energy at its deepest level is information.

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So it is the energetic/informational field of the vials which is made use of in FCT in order to interact with the body's cells at the very deepest level, which is at an energetic, not chemical, level. The nucleus of every cell in the human body emits an natural electromagnetic field (EMF) which actively controls and directs all chemical activity in the body, including the healing processes, as evidenced in an emerging body of scientific research in the field of biophysics, such as presented by physicist Professor William A. Tiller or orthopedic surgeon Robert O. Becker.

It is sobering to realize that basically all chronic conditions do not have a known cause in the allopathic world.
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"Drugs rarely cure illnesses because allopathic medicine does not know the root cause of illnesses. Allopathic medicine tries to control symptoms with medication in an effort to modify chemical reactions in the body, but without understanding why those chemical reactions were abnormal to begin with." -From an online FCT article, author unknown

"Identifying the multifactorial causes of chronic illness is the next most important paradigm shift in medicine. We cannot simply name an illness without looking into its multifactorial causes, or we will be leaving a legacy of chronic illnesses for future generations. Epidemics of autism, cancer, strokes, heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, mental illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and Lyme disease with co-infections are just some of the ongoing epidemics. This should not be the normal fabric of illnesses woven through our society. We can do better."
-Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease by Richard I. Horowitz, MD

Take for example someone with a thyroid issue. The common approach separates the thyroid from the rest of the body. Thyroid lab levels would be monitored and medication may be prescribed. FCT looks at the whole body (holistic approach) while investigating the thyroid. Holistic is defined as “the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts” or “characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”.

Why is this meaningful? Let’s continue with the thyroid example. Maybe FCT will detect a toxin signal (a “block” as described under the FCT tab) related to the thyroid and that is why it isn’t functioning as designed. Or…looking deeper into the system…maybe there is a “block” affecting the anterior pituitary. Your pituitary gland controls the thyroid gland. Or…looking deeper yet…perhaps the issue lies with the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus tells the pituitary what to do. There could be multiple “blocks” in one area or a combination of things going on.

FCT views your body as one whole, complex, intelligent, interconnected, energetic system.

"When you have been trained in a particular medical specialty, you see the world through certain lenses and diagnostic paradigms. A gastroenterologist, for example, sees the world through the lens of the gastrointestinal tract and tries to link up a patient's symptoms to diseases known in their specialty...It is not that the thinking of these doctors and subspecialists is necessarily wrong, but it may be that their worldview only includes part of the whole picture. There is relative truth, and then there is absolute truth. When the three blind men are feeling the elephant, they each describe a different part. One describes the elephant as having a long, movable nose, another tough skin with thick legs and big nails, and the third might just describe a thin, coarse tail. Each has described a certain relative truth, and none is incorrect, but none of them have seen the big picture. It's an elephant!" -Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease by Richard I. Horowitz, MD

Field Control Therapy is a holistic approach and seeks to address underlying energetic imbalances. Ultimately everything in our body has to do with energy.

The problem lies not in the intentions, nor in the dedication of individuals, but as so often in the history of science, from a limitation in the prevailing paradigm or model that governs and limits thinking any given era. -Thomas Kuhn, PhD