Renee North


Testimonials | Field Control Therapy Results

Sometimes it is helpful to hear what others have experienced.

Here are some examples.

(Remote testing) An autistic, nonverbal 12-year-old was struggling with sleep, anger, mood swings, frustration and anxiety - even upon waking. The initial FCT testing showed priority signals indicated for tooth and strep viridans. Honestly, I was a bit nervous telling this new client's mother the information as there was nothing dental indicated in our conversations or the paperwork. When I told her, she said “I'm not surprised” and proceeded to share how they bring the child to the dentist at least four times a year and the child had a habit of poking tree branches in the gums. The dentists never found anything wrong.

Follow up after the Field Control Therapy protocol showed the child sleeping well and not waking up angry. The tree branch behavior has stopped. The parents now describe the child as “compliant” and the school asked if there was an allopathic medication change due to the improved behavior. The FCT protocol had the added bonus of decreasing abdominal pain, eliminating alternating stools and improving muscle strength.

"I feel good because with the steady progress I've seen I have confidence each [Field Control Therapy] protocol is helping my body work better. Evidence I've seen is my nails looking healthier and stronger as well as the thinning of my toenail fungus. Additionally, back problems I've had for decades have improved substantially. I use to go to the chiropractor each week. I've only had one emergency in the first two months of the five months I've been doing the protocol where I needed the chiropractor. The drops that helped my body address the Lyme helped my back and muscles improve. Sometimes I get pretty tired after a protocol but that could be my body healing. For the body to heal itself as the protocol allows it to takes time, patience, and remembering your progress."

"I have had one Field Control Therapy appointment/session. The session was very comfortable, relaxed and painless-I even fell asleep for a bit. Even after talking to Renee on the phone, I still had questions and she was very patient and informative with her answers. I had one main concern/issue (the reason I decided to try FCT after already doctoring for it), and that issue was addressed and solved-hopefully it will not return."

Follow-up five months later and the issue has not returned. This person tried three allopathic prescriptions and one over the counter allopathic medication without resolution prior to Field Control Therapy.

"I want to share my experience regarding Field Control Therapy. In the spring and fall, I often get a sinus infection that keeps me down for a long few weeks. This past fall, I decided to try FCT. As soon as I felt the illness coming on, I started a protocol for it. I have to tell you the results were quite astounding. I took the drops-as directed-and within a few days I could feel the pressure on my sinuses begin to ease. I did nothing else, just the drops and the results spoke for themselves. I encourage you to have an open mind and try this new option. I am glad I did."

I followed up two years later to see if there were any reoccurring sinus infections for this individual. I'm thankful to report this person has been sinus infection free since their FCT protocol.

I often ask people to rate their wellness complaints on a 1-10 scale. 0 means not an issue and 10 is the worst imaginable. A new client complained of daily diarrhea rated at a 10. The Field Control Therapy (FCT) protocol indicated a signal needed for a residue of the allopathic antibiotic Cipro. At the next appointment the client rated the diarrhea issue at a 1 (almost completely resolved).

A client presented with complaints regarding the arms. They were experiencing aching, numbness, pins/needles, and burning sensations. Pain was also reported with bending the elbows, pulling, and gripping. Both issues were rated by the client at a 7-8 at intake. Testing showed Lyme and Babesia signals. After one Field Control Therapy protocol the client reported the adverse arm sensations were completely gone. The arm pain had decreased with a rating of 2-5 depending on the activity.

An 11-year-old was experiencing diminished vision and headaches in March 2016. The eyeglasses were updated in April with temporary improvement with vision and headaches. Symptoms returned in July and they were rechecked by the optometrist. The optometrist recommended a CT scan and vision therapy due to a possible neurological component as the exam wasn't making sense yet the child provided consistent answers.

In August they were FCT tested. Some signals indicated: Brain, Hypothalamus, Macula + Anesthetics (see note below), Lymphatics, Kidney etc.

The first day of taking the Field Control Therapy protocol drops, the child was extremely sensitive to light. On the second day the vision was improving. They were rechecked mid-November by the optometrist and their vision improved to what it was two prescriptions ago in 2015.

It is interesting to note that this child had an oral procedure four years ago in which they were unable to numb the child adequately with Marcaine, a local anesthetic. The child was given 3-5 times the normal amount without success. The testing and protocol proved meaningful based on the child's results.

Follow up in December 2017 by an optometrist confirms vision is still excellent with no need for eyeglasses.

A teenage client presented with complaints of acne. This individual had already consulted with a dermatologist three times and was using doxycycline (an oral antibiotic) twice daily, tretinoin cream daily, clindamycin daily, and sodium sulfacetamide daily without improvement. The client was experiencing stomach pain from the antibiotic. The dermatologist was now recommending Accutane. The family was concerned about more allopathic medicine side effects and wondered if Field Control Therapy would help.

FCT often helps with acne-even when it isn’t the primary focus. The skin is our biggest excretory organ and other areas of the body affect our skin’s wellness. There could be ‘blocks’ with the skin itself but also our liver and gut play a large part in skin wellness. Testing indicated signals for an antibiotic residue in the large intestine mucosa as well as parasites. A candida signal and skin support were provided.

The client's cystic acne noticeably improved within 10 days after the protocol. Four weeks after the protocol, the mother reported only the scarring remained from previous acne. Two months after Field Control Therapy, the dermatologist was “happy with the progress”.

"I have had three protocols so far. Before Field Control Therapy, diarrhea was an issue I dealt with through supplements but was bad on its own. I now only have that problem after a couple restaurants didn't agree with me. My lethargy is better so I have more energy. I am making progress on sleep. The progress I am most excited about right now is my muscle stiffness is way down. Overall inflammation is way down. In the three months of doing the protocols I went to the chiropractor once; now I can adjust the important stuff on my own. I used to go once a week to the chiropractor. My emotional stability is overall much better. I was a roller coaster a lot of the time. Now I still get overwhelmed but FCT has helped me progress with having more peace and stability."

A client diagnosed with neurological claudication was only able to walk 12 minutes without numbness and pain. After one Field Control Therapy protocol the client reported being able to walk an hour or more without any issues. Bioresonance testing indicated signals for dental amalgam and brain with eliminatory support.

Insomnia was requiring a client to use Benadryl nightly. Brain, pineal and hypothalamus support resolved this issue.

A client was battling gout. Despite the allopurinol 300mg daily they were still experiencing flare-ups. Testing indicated a bacteria affecting the urinary system and metals hindering the kidneys. The client reported complete relief from gout attacks, increased energy, and successfully decreased the allopurinol to 150mg. The medicine change was their decision as I do not advise regarding allopathic medications. However, I often recommend following more closely with your doctor as your wellness changes.

A woman sought help for vaginal odor that would not resolve with multiple doctor visits and allopathic medications. Testing indicated the endometrium needed FCT signals for metals and organophosphates. The client reported the issue was gone and follow-up showed long term resolution. Time is the true test!

A client was struggling with suicidal thoughts and emotions. They were rated at a 7 and 9.5 respectively on the 1-10 scale (10 is the worst) at the initial appointment. After multiple Field Control Therapy protocols in which brain and gut support were a main focus, the client now consistently reports 0-2 ratings for these issues.

Hot flashes 1-2 times daily resolved with brain and hypothalamus FCT signals