Renee North


About Renee

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I have always been interested in biology and how the body functions. Following this interest, I trained as a nurse and worked in the healthcare industry until my daughter was born.

Around that time I experienced persistent problems which were not resolving with orthodox pharmaceutical approaches.

I tested positive for ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis which are tick borne illnesses similar to Lyme disease. I dealt with daily fevers, sadness, nausea, night sweats, heart palpitations, fatigue, tingling on the bottoms of my feet, and more. I spent a summer taking the antibiotic doxycycline. It ultimately did nothing to resolve the issues.

I knew these issues were not "in my head" and deeply believed the body was designed to work better than what I was experiencing. Many other "alternative" approaches were tried without success.

Eventually I got in touch with a Field Control Therapy practitioner who was able to help. FCT was the only thing that that truly resolved my tick borne illnesses.

Moved by this experience and wanting to help others, I completed the FCT Graduate Program. Students are required to complete a variety of studies, attend a series of conferences, demonstrate skills validation, complete case studies and pass a final exam.

I am an active participant in Dr. Yurkovsky's webinars for up to date information and I greatly enjoy connecting with colleagues. In 2015, I was able to attend Dr. Yurkovsky's seminar in New York. It was wonderful to learn from the creator of FCT in person.

In 2015 I created the FCT Alliance so practitioners from around the world may easily connect and collaborate and I am also a member of Dr. Yurkovsky’s FCT Advisory Board.

I want people to know I have been blessed greatly by this approach to wellness and desire the same for others. I strive to empower, encourage, and meet people where they are at. If this approach makes sense to you but you have other questions, give me a call and I will do my best to fill in the gaps.

I currently reside near Woodville, Wisconsin 40 minutes east of St. Paul, MN near I-94 with my husband and daughter.